Of Things To Come

I have a confession to make.

Three weeks into my trip, I am starting to realize how naive I have been. In my wild fantasies before traveling was reality, I imagined all the near-infinite time I would have on my hand. Compared to doing 8 hours of work on the same project day in and day out, I was surely going to be ten times more productive in a new environment. Boy I was wrong.

It's probably just a matter of getting accustomed to being on the road, but the latest weeks have been devastating in terms of actually getting things done. I've been finding myself spending more time on finding the best & cheapest hostel, flight route, grocery store, gym, supplements store and so on than actually being productive with writing & coding.

With all that said, I'm slowly finding calm in midst of chaos. Saying no to going out and being able to think straight in a chatty room is still hard, but it's progressively getting easier.

Here's an update of what I'm actually working on and topics for upcoming posts

First of all, I've been working for a while on this lengthy blog post about pagination. This one I should have written already back in 2012 when I implemented the fluent pagination technique I'm proposing, in the ICA Handla app. The post will feature thoughts from a UX perspective and how that affects UI in apps, together with client and server considerations and some iOS sample code.

There will also be posts with travel tips for digital nomads and lifters, including how to get cheap mobile data, gym passes, nutritional supplements and places to work, among others.

The thing that still worries the hell out of me is my economic situation. I really need to do marketing for my currently only paid app Min Firma, but that's a topic for another post. First, I need to become productive.

I'm staying here in London until tuesday and then I'm gonna visit the Appsterdam peeps. Really looking forward to that even though I'm just staying for two days. Then it's off to Spain where I'll probably be traveling around for a month or so, trying to achieve that programmer dream of sitting with your laptop on the beach and watching the sunset with a drink in your hand. Those will be good times :)

CC Image courtesy of Librarian by epsos .de on Flickr   

CC Image courtesy of Librarian by epsos .de on Flickr