Málaga to Marrakech: 24 hours of travel

11:30: Waking up after a night of drinking games with great company.

12:00: Walking to the beach to get one last dip in the Mediterranean Sea.

13:30: Catching the bus to Tarifa after running through the city in usual manner.

16:00: Arriving in Tarifa, meeting an American family and walking from the bus stop to the port.

17:00 (GMT +1): Getting onboard the katamaran to Tangier. Quite a rough ride, glad my motion sickness pills from the bus are still in effect.

17:00 (GMT): Landing in Tangier. Sharing a cab with an Estonian stewardess from the ferry company who recommends me to buy first class tickets for the train to Marrakech, "Second class is dangerous".

17:30: Buying tickets at the train station. After first thinking my train would leave in just one hour, began realizing I just switched time zones and was mistaken about the train departure time. 3 hours to kill.

17:30: Walking at the beach. "Friendly" guy starts talking to me, shows me around. Insists on showing the local brothels, gets disappointed when I tell him I'm not interested.

18:00: Arriving in the city center. "Friendly" guy asks for a tip of 20 dirhams, not much considering the long walk. Taking a shawarma plate to still my hunger.

19:00: Wandering around in Tangier, taking note of several locals telling me "Where are you going? There are no hotels this way".

20:00: Overrated my sense of direction. No cached maps on my iPhone, just the compass. Checking the compass, realized I've been going the completely wrong direction all the time.

21:15: Back at the train station, boarding the train. Inspecting my "First class" cabin.

08:00: Waking up in the cabin, arriving in Marrakech. Grabbing a glass of orange juice and a chicken panini for breakfast and WiFi. Checking walking directions for the Equity Point hostel and caching up maps.

08:30: Begin walking towards the hostel, ignoring directions. "Pff, doesn't look that hard on Google Maps".

10:00: Arriving on the spot I thought the hostel was located at, none to be found. Starts thinking of backtracking to the point where I could follow walking directions.

10:15: Asking a local for directions. Good and bad idea. Turns out there's two streets with the same name, I was at the wrong one. Follows local who tells me to walk 100 metres behind him, else he could get in jail. Fishy enough.

10:30: Arriving at Equity Point hostel. Slips a 20 dirham tip, just as in Tangier. Turns out this local is a bit more greedy, telling me he usually gets 400 dirhams from American families (~40 €). Local gets upset, demanding at least 100 dirhams. Finally, gives him 50 dirhams to avoid trouble.

10:45: 3 hours to kill until check-in. Tries out wifi, turns out it sucks. Starts reading Javascript: The Good Parts by the pool.