Shopping time!

After realizing I couldn't get a Scottevest in time for my trip without paying incredibly expensive shipping & taxes, I went out shopping for some travel clothes. Much to my delighted surprise, I found this incredible bargain on Stadium!

Not only does this jacket hold my iPad Air in its pockets, it's also lightweight, wind- & waterproof and I got it for ≈40€, 30% of its original price!

While at Stadium, I also got a nice, travel friendly polyester T-shirt and a gym bag. Then I got this surprisingly comfy synthetic sweatshirt from H&M.

All in all, I think I have all the necessary clothes for my trip now. I'm lacking the super expensive merino wool stuff, but I'll buy that later if cotton and synthetics just can't keep up. Now it's time to try pack all my stuff together in my backpack before I head out for what probably will be my last night out in Stockholm before the trip!